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Mutual assistance between employees and local populations is an important aspect of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate. This collaboration fits into several key dimensions of CSR:

1. Local economic development: Businesses can promote local sourcing, allowing communities to benefit directly and indirectly from responsible resource development. This practice creates economic opportunities for local populations and strengthens the links between the company and its environment.

2. Community Engagement: CSR encourages businesses to maintain close ties with all of society, including local populations and employees. This promotes the establishment of a relationship of trust and mutual assistance between the different stakeholders.

3. Creating shared value: The concept of “shared value” developed by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer highlights the importance of creating economic value in a way that also benefits society. This approach aims to reconcile the company's profit objectives with its social and environmental responsibilities.

4. Improving the quality of life: Companies are encouraged to contribute to improving the quality of life in the societies where they operate. This can result in mutual aid initiatives between employees and local populations, aimed at responding to the needs and challenges of the community.

5. Risk management: By promoting mutual aid and collaboration with local populations, companies can better manage the risks and uncertainty linked to their operations. This can help prevent conflicts and maintain the company's "social license to operate."

6. Employee motivation and engagement: CSR initiatives, including those involving collaboration with local communities, can increase employee motivation and loyalty to their company. This can result in increased productivity and job satisfaction.


In summary, mutual assistance between employees and local populations is a crucial element of the CSR mandate, because it allows positive synergies to be created between the company and its social environment, while contributing to sustainable development and the creation of shared value.

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